Sunday, 11 December 2011

Imaging equipment

The Activity Star Affairs Requirements for Imaging Articles are focused on artefact families such as Electrophotographic (EP) printers, Inkjet (e.g., thermal), copiers, facsimile machines and added imaging accessories including MFD's (multifunctional devices). Typical Electrical Consumption (TEC) of a artefact ancestors are abstinent and appear adjoin an allowance set by the best throughput of the device. Operation modes (OM) are abstinent and appear for accessories such as inkjet articles adjoin an allowance set by the functions present in the EUT (equipment beneath test). Accessories that included "adders" such as ethernet, on-board memory, wireless, etc are mathematically "added" to access the OM allowance. Recently on February 1st, 2011, the EPA/DOE added the claim that all articles registered beneath the Activity Star logo, charge be activated by an AB (Accredited Body) or CB (Certification Body) Laboratory.

edit Lighting

The Activity Star is awarded to alone assertive bulbs that accommodated austere efficiency, quality, and lifetime criteria.

Energy Star able beaming lighting uses 75% beneath activity and lasts up to ten times best than accustomed beaming lights.

Energy Star Able Ablaze Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting:

Reduces activity costs — uses at atomic 75% beneath activity than beaming lighting, extenuative on operating expenses.

Reduces aliment costs — lasts 35 to 50 times best than beaming lighting and about 2 to 5 times best than beaming lighting. No bulb-replacements, no ladders, no advancing auctioning program.

Reduces cooling costs — LEDs aftermath actual little heat.

Is affirmed — comes with a minimum three-year assurance — far above the industry standard.

Offers acceptable appearance — accessible with concealment on some calm models and automated aurora shut-off and motion sensors on some alfresco models.

Is abiding — won’t breach like a bulb.

To authorize for Activity Star certification, LED lighting articles charge canyon a array of tests to prove that the articles will affectation the afterward characteristics:

Brightness is according to or greater than absolute lighting technologies (incandescent or fluorescent) and ablaze is able-bodied broadcast over the breadth afire by the fixture.

Ablaze achievement charcoal connected over time, alone abbreviating appear the end of the rated lifetime (at atomic 35,000 hours or 12 years based on use of 8 hours per day).

Excellent blush quality. The adumbration of white ablaze appears bright and constant over time.

Ability is as acceptable as or more good than beaming lighting.

Ablaze comes on instantly back angry on.

No beam back dimmed.

No off-state ability draw. The accoutrement does not use ability back it is angry off, with the barring of alien controls, whose ability should not beat 0.5 watts in the off state.

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